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A little bit more about us...

Established in 1984, the Dance Academy has grown and thrived under the thoughtful direction of Colleen Kilmer.  Truly unique, the Dance Academy offers something special for children and young adults of all ages and interests.  Over the years, thousands of students have enrolled in our weekly ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe classes which culminate in a summer dance concert highlighting the year's achievements. In 2023, the Dance Academy transitioned to new leadership, following Mrs. Kilmer's retirement.

The mission of the Dance Academy is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for every student to learn dance, whether for fun and exercise or whether to enter the arts on a professional level.
Our core values are that:
  1.  We are committed to nurturing and growing leaders.
  2. We are committed to dance as creative self-expression, as an athletic art, and to dance as a way of life.
  3. We are committed to instillin g self-confidence, discipline and passion in all dancers, by incorporating various forms of dance.
  4. We are committed to providing a wholesome, inspiring environment that meets the needs of all learners.
The Dance Academy curriculum is comprehensive and is designed to give each Child or Adult the best possible dance education. Technique and discipline are stressed throughout each and every class. Building confidence in each Dancer’s abilities and instilling a sense of commitment to themselves and their peers is an important aspect of dance training. Dance is a performing art. The Dance Academy provides many performing opportunities, which are vital to the Dancer’s overall development. Performing teaches responsibility, provides an environment that requires group unity and effort for a common objective, instills confidence and rewards the performer with a sense of accomplishment.

While the Dance Academy subscribes to a vigorous and professional approach in the training of your Dancer, the Dance Academy continually employs various teaching methods designed to provide a “fun atmosphere” throughout his or her training. The Dance Academy philosophy is that dancing should be fun, and we feel this environment maximizes each Dancer’s capacity to learn. Whether your Dancer makes a long-term commitment to the Dance Academy’s program or stays with us only for a year, the education provided to these young people is important to their overall growth and development. Each Dancer is taught the proper techniques of movement fundamentals that will enhance their confidence as they pursue activities from routine walking and running to activities that require complicated movement. Therefore, dance training is a most worthwhile investment. The legacy of the Dance Academy is bolstered by the long list of distinguished alumni, several of whom have continued their involvement in the arts, either in performing and/or teaching. We are honored that some of these alumni have joined our faculty ranks. The Dance Academy faculty are dedicated to teaching all students the art of dance and strive to instill in our students a passion for dance.

Our Team

Led by Antoine and Krishna Thomas, the Dance Academy team comprises of eight awesome and talented teachers. Pictures and bios to be posted shortly.

Jessica Cabot, Dance Instructor
Natalie Kilgore, Dance Instructor
Madelyn Trotier, Dance Instructor
Catherine Bailey, Dance Instructor
Lacy Gregg, Dance Instructor
Emily Ferrano, Dance Instructor
Maria Greider, Dance Instructor
Antoine Thomas, Director
Originally from NY, Antoine has been performing, creating, directing and teaching dance for two decades, and has extensive experience in working with both adults and children. For the last 13 years, Antoine has taught classes, directed and choreographed for area schools and local dance communities. He primarily teaches hip hop and ballet, and along with his wife, has owned and operated two studios.
Krishna Thomas, Director
A lifelong learner and tap enthusiast, Krishna teaches tap and early childhood dance - her absolute favorites are the 2-6 year old age group!